Nutmeg (Exporter, Supplier & Manufacturer)

We hold expertise in this field, offering to our valuable clients a premium range of Nuteg that is available in different sizes. In Indian cuisine, Nutmeg is used in many sweet as well as savoury dishes (predominantly in Mughlai cuisine). It is known as Jaiphal in most parts of India and as Jatipatri and Jathi seed in Kerala. It may also be used in small quantities in garam masala. Ground nutmeg is also smoked in India. Serves as a tonic for the heart and brains.
Nutmeg is usually associated with sweet, spicy dishes — pies, puddings, custards, cookies and spice cakes. It combines well with many cheeses, and is included in soufflés and cheese sauces. In soups it works with tomatoes, slit pea, chicken or black beans. It complements egg dishes and vegetables like cabbage, spinach, broccoli, beans onions and eggplant. It flavours Italian mortadella sausages, Scottish haggis and Middle Eastern lamb dishes. It is often included as part of the Moroccan spice.

Product Description

The nuts have been chewed as a treatment for indigestion. The crushed seeds have been rubbed on the temples in the treatment of headaches.

Specification of Nutmeg
Moisture 14.3%
Protein 1gm
Minerals 0.6gm
Carbohydrates 11.2gm
Purity 99%
Admixture Nil
Damaged 0.2%
Packaging 25 Kgs / 50 kgs PP bags or Jute bags