Mango Pulp (Exporter, Supplier & Manufacturer)

Having a definite quality management team, we bring forth for our customers best quality array of Mango Pulp with perfect flavor. India is counted amongst one of the prominent names, when it comes to the growth of finest Mangoes in the world. Frozen Fresh Mango Pulp is one of the most outstanding varieties of mangoes offered by us. It is along with prominent beak in shape of about 6-8 inches and has thick green-yellow Skin or a fanciful combination of these colors. As one the leading mango pulp supplier from India, we offer mango pulp and puree in natural and sweetened forms. Most scientific methods are used for harvesting, ripening and processing fresh mangoes. Once the pulping process is complete, the golden-yellow homogeneous. The mango puree obtained is free from cooked or off flavor of any kind.

Product Description

A uniformly ripened golden yellow mango has a hint of red blush around its shoulder, with characteristic aroma, sweetness and juiciness. It is rich in calcium, phosphorous, iron, potash, magnesium, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins A and C. The pulp is valued for its quality, colour, taste and good shelf-life.