Ginger (Exporter, Supplier & Manufacturer)

Having a definite quality management team, we bring forth for our customers best quality array of Ginger with perfect flavor. Ginger is the underground rhizome of a plant with Lanceolote leaves and spikes of yellow flowers, borne on stems. Dried ginger is obtained by peeling off the outer skin of the rhizome and drying in the sun after cleaning. Bleached ginger is obtained by coating the dried ginger with a solution of lime. The uncoated variety is called ‘unbleached ginger’. Propagation of ginger is by portions of rhizome with one or two buds.

Product Description

Ginger is a tuber that is consumed whole as a delicacy, medicine, or spice. Ginger cultivation began in Asia and has since spread to West Africa and the Caribbean. The North Eastern states are known for their high quality ginger with very high oleoresin and volatile oil content. Popular verities of ginger include Nadiya and Shing Bukhir.

As ginger is a nutrient exhausting crop, it is not grown continuously in one field but shifted to another field after one yield. The most commonly available varieties of ginger in the world are either Indian or Chinese varieties. India is the largest producer of ginger at around 702,000 metric tons accounting for 34.6% of the world production. Ginger is also exported as dried ginger. Ginger dried in the sun or by mechanized methods retains a lot of its original flavor, while the drying process increases the shelf life of the ginger. It is easy to use; all one has to do is to break the ginger into small pieces and powder it in a coffee grinder.