Agricultural Commodity

Agriculture Commodity provides the principal means of livelihood for over 58.4% of India's population. It contributes approximately one-fifth of total gross domestic product (GDP). With global agricultural trade on a sustained rise coupled with robust economic growth across the world, the Agro sector has number of trade opportunities in its offing, which is an important contributor to India’s growth story. The total food production in India is likely to increase substantially in the coming years which will throw enormous opportunities for large scale investments in food and food warehousing, logistics management and processing. Aenix Exim has been trading & merchandising various agro based products in all the principal world markets and to the end users in major consumption markets of Globe. Being the third largest land mass in world it is number top producer of many agriculture commodities. And yet Indian agriculture has one of the lowest yields in most commodities, nearly 55.7% of area sown is dependent on rainfall. Clearly while there are challenges there are huge potentials as well. While Non-agricultural commodities can include everything that is not agriculture, the derivative segment has evolved in Industrial Metals, Energy and Precious Metals.